SilkPeel Dermalinfusion™

A breakthrough treatment that combines non-invasive exfoliation with infusion of skin-specific solutions to improve and revitalize the skin



Non-invasive delivery of amino acids inside the skin supply new material for skin rebuilding


Venus Legacy

Stimulate collagen and tighten lax skin

Ionto-sono LDM

Stimulates production of collagen and elastin in the face, tones the skin and goes deeper to tone the muscles underneath to  lift and firm while it smooths and tightens the pores


Omnilux Light Therapy

Delivers a totally natural method of light-only skin rejuvenation which uses the body's own natural processes to help counteract the effects of aging

Infusion Facials

Visible results after a single session and the face feels refreshed and more radiant. This treatment is ideal before dinner parties and for brides to be.


Exilis Elite

Exilis causes shrinking of loose tissue immediately as well long term collagen production that contributes to the lifting and tightening of skin.

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