Infusion Facials

Excellent whitening, antioxidant properties and wrinkle reduction



In the conventional method of applying active ingredients of cosmetics to skin, it is difficult for the ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin to fully exert their beautifying and skin protection effects.


Here, we utilize a device call High Vitaliont from Japan that is able to penetrate an ionized solvent for cosmetic use deeply into the skin by passing a weak current through the skin. This treatment process is referred to as iontophoresis.


How it works

The device used High Vitaliont allows excellent iontophoresis to both the epidermis and dermis with good penetration, stability and durability.

The cosmetic solvent commonly used is Vitamin C and placenta liquid which has excellent whitening and antioxidant properties in addition to wrinkle reduction.

The device can also remove pore clogging grime after washing the face by use of negative polarity before iontophoresis.

The treatment is virtually painless and the feeling is that of a mild tingling sensation.

Each procedure takes about 20 -30 minutes.



The results are visible after a single session and the face feels refreshed and more radiant. This treatment is ideal before dinner parties and for brides to be.

Results can last up to 4 weeks with proper care and maintenance and can be repeated on a monthly basis.





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