Weyergens SPM

Vacuum power with deep action effect.



Suction pump massage, or SPM®, revives the centuries old tradition of cupping in a new form. The vacuum system was further developed by Weyergens based on the latest medical and cosmetic findings and combined with massage. Tradition and modern technique work together.



How it works

Used for the treatment of legs, bust and buttocks, SPM® is a new form of the manual lymph drainage. It helps in decongestion of the entire body as well as to assist the treatment of impure skin in the face. Depending on the strength of the vacuum, SPM® can also act in the depth of the tissue. Not only all skin layers but also the subcutaneous adipose tissue are optimally supplied with blood and enriched with essentials.




SPM® is an active anti aging and body contouring. In most cases you can see and feel the results of the suction pump massage immediately!





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