Build muscles while reducing fat at the same time


Build muscles while reducing fat at the same time

WONDER is the first and only equipment that simultaneously combines Focused Electromagnetic energy with High-Intensity Selective Neurostimulation.

WONDER produces 52,000 muscle contractions at a record depth of 16 cm, acting simultaneously on the legs, glutes, adductors, abdomen, obliques and arms. A 25-minute session produces the same muscle wasting, metabolic disturbance and caloric consumption as several hours of training in the gym.*WONDER CLINIC

Popular among athletes and competitive sportsmen as an effective way to build muscles while burning fat in abdomen, buttocks and legs simultaneously.


  • Short treatment time per session (about 25 minutes)
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved metabolic efficiency & fat burning efficiency
  • Reduction of body fat
  • No downtime
  • How it works

    As with intense physical training, treatments with WONDER causes the gluteal muscle fibers to break down and rebuild bigger and stronger.

    The muscle contractions WONDER causes are unlike regular contractions, they are supramaximal contractions, creating more tension and requiring more energy than a normal voluntary contraction.

    WONDER also aids in skin tightening. Sagging skin are visibly reduced due to the large increase in vascularization of the connective tissue. The treatment makes one lose accumulated fat by radically building muscles, boosts calorie consumption and promotes rapid fat loss.

    Image credit: Wonder-World Clinic

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